Professional boatcare for genuine yachts people

We love the sea and boats as much as you. We know what ultimate boating requires. And we want you to live your dream and explore the ocean. Therefore we are offering safety, knowledge and service for best performance. All you need in one place.

We love the ocean
All you need in one place
Always stay hurricane safe
100 000 years of experience

The boatyard is in full swing but our webpage is under construction!

We are constantly improving our offer and our brand. Our new website will give you a better idea of who we are and offer you top service online.
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About Grenada Marine

An ocean of possibilities!

We share your dreams of an exciting and independent life at sea. We have learned exactly what is required for your boat to perform at its maximum and still be safe. When looking for quality services in storage, repair and maintenance in accordance with international standards, welcome to Grenada Marine.

We are a family owned business with around 80 employees. Many of them have been involved since the start almost 20 years ago. We have the extensive experience required for everything from summer storage, topside respray, simple bottom job to a complete refit. Grenada Marine is a one-stop shop boatyard located on the southeast coast of the island, occupying ten acres of beachfront that embraces the well-protected and safe harbour of St. David.

Grenada Marine is simply: Professional boat care for genuine yachts people.
Warmly welcome!
Jason and Laura Fletcher

Our Services

We take care of your boat and your wellbeing

The general spirit of the yard is set by this all Grenadian crew, a friendly, hard-working group of guys who take care of our core business – the movement and parking of boats on the hard. Our crew prides themselves in the care and attention to detail that it takes to make sure your vessel is safely stored ashore. They haul, then pressure wash each vessel, which is then carefully taken to its designated spot in the yard. There the boat is chocked in the manner arranged by the owner, either on stands or in a cradle. All boats in storage are strapped to anchors embedded in the ground.

You can hang out at Laura's bar for a beer, a snack or a good meal. Grenada Marine is one of the few boatyards that can boast of having a beautiful calm white sand beach right in front of the restaurant.

Since we are located some distance from stores and other services we offer our guests transportation to the capital St. Georges or the Grand Anse area. There you will find shopping centers and a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

  • Facilities for approx 250 yachts
  • Marine Travelift 70 tons
  • Marine Travelift stacker 60 tons
  • Hostar stacker 25 tons
  • One-piece steel cradles
  • Tiedown anchors thoughout
  • Storage areas by boat type
Maintenance, repairs, refits

  • Fiberglass and exotic composite
  • AwlGrip/AwlCraft Painting
  • Electrical/Electronic/HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Rigging and canvas/Sail Loft
  • Woodwork and carpentry
  • Metalwork and fabrication
  • Antifouling Application
  • Hull polishing/brightwork
  • CAD/CAM work
  • Boatbuilding
Onsite amenities

  • Laura's Restaurant and bar
  • Private beach
  • Island water world
  • Diesel fuel
  • Free WiFi
  • Shower and restroom facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Transportation to St. Georges and Grand Anse shopping area
  • 100 m of alongside dock with power and water

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